Posted by Anne Sewell

Over the New Years' I tried to come up with an inspiration for writing a blog to keep you guys interested and it came to me...........365 days of the year and each day we will invent a new Monogram and show you the best ways to use the monogram.  

January 1 - The Westminister Monogram.  This monogram looks beautiful on the following items we offer at Properly Mine:

Pillow shams for the dorm or pretty girls room (all white 24 x 24) zipper bottom with monogram included $32

Guest towels in your Powder Room - Hemstitch Linen with Monogram included $15. 

It sews well on Terry Cloth Towels for a Master Suite.  We can use all white Turkish Towels from Peacock Alley at $65 for a set, Full Set of Charisma Towels in White or Grey for $45, Scalloped Edge Peacock Alley Set for $72

It also looks beautiful on Cocktail Napkins (4 for $26), Napkins (20 x 20 Hemstitch or Natural Napkins at $12/napkin with our Lucite tray ($42 with the Westminister monogram.