How Properly Mine was Formed

Anne Sewell tells the story of how she founded Properly Mine...

I learned my knowledge of business from working at the Federal Reserve Bank and SunTrust * I learned my knowledge of fashion and design from Maureen Cullinane when I founded the first Cullinane store * Once I sent my four children to school I wanted to do something fun with my life and I started Cheer Atlanta, a cheerleading uniform business * 14 years later my cheerleaders have graduated, joined sororities, gotten married and had babies and taught me the need for my business to grow and thus Properly Mine - A Monogrammery has been founded

Anne Sewell

Founder & CEO

Born and raised on the Coast of Virginia    Learned all the finishing touches of monogramming at Sweet Briar College    Married a proper gentleman from Washington & Lee    Has never been seen without the Proper bow in her hair (often referred to as "the bow lady" around Atlanta)    Her proper drink is "Ketel One Martini straight up, slightly dirty, shaken really hard with that thin layer of ice on top." - The Proper Anne

Saki Sue

Advisory Committee 


Guest Relations

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