Cummerbund and Bowtie Set Monogrammed

Buy them as a set or buy each item separately.  Both make wonderful gifts for Graduates, Professionals and Groomsmen.  Monogramming them is a classic way of keeping up with these items at the end of the evening.

I feel that if more people were aware of the benefits a cummerbund offers, more people would wear one.  So here I’m just going to list them out.

1.) Crumb Catchers – As the British Military first learned, the upward facing pleats served as excellent crumb catchers.  In fact, that is still a nickname for the accessory even today.

2.) Ticket Holders – When the aristocracy adopted cummerbunds, they were often used to hold ticket stubs to the symphony or opera, keeping a gentleman from having to rummage through his pockets for them.

3.) Cooler – Back to their origin, they were and remain cooler waist covering options than vests.

4.) Slimming – Generally when worn correctly, cummerbunds tend to make men look taller with a thinner waist.

$ 42.00
$ 42.00
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